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Technologies evolutionize. And so does business?

The way technologies evolutionize impacts the way of doing business. And visa versa, when global economy faces the need to solve any problems, i.e. corruption, over-regulated processes, lack of expedient control of investment usage, etc. technologies hold out a hand. Currently, there is a huge global demand from investors’ side for modern, secure and transparent investment instruments. The 4th Industrial Revolution - which is knocking on our door - offers a way to seize enormous opportunity.

The 4th Industrial Revolution broadens the opportunities for digital and physical worlds:

  • 1 integrates the potential of automated machines (AI, IoT), Big Data into production
  • 2 decentralizes management processes, finances (cryptocurrencies) and legal relationships (smart contracts).

Therefore, the first countries to embrace that and to revamp their way of thinking and doing business will gain an unprecedented economic advantage in form of attracting foreign investment.


M2M World urgently needs to solve that ultimate issues

Contemporary registers of property rights are not able to maintain the objects from M2M world

The rapid speed of IT systems transformation has led to the disconnect - the property registers are not developing fast enough to correspond to the needs of Real Time Economy and to maintain emerging world of smart machines. Self-learning machines powered \by AI and VR technologies are developing in the world where people still use systems originating from the 10th century. Such asymmetry results in multibillion-dollar losses. At the same time modernization of outdated elements has prospects to encover millions of opportunities. Introduction of uptodate registers will gradually improve the quality of human life; increase economic efficiency and the cumulative effect from the introduction of new technologies in the real world.

Investment capital can not be fully realized in the real sector

A huge amount of capital is invested ineffectively and in non-transparent systems. Modernization and construction of the future infrastructure is constrained by the mechanisms and approaches inherited from the Roman Empire. It's time to finish applying the method of expensive trials and errors in the implementation of infrastructure facilities. A new approach to modeling and implementation that guarantees the viability of business projects from the first day of its existence is required.

To realize full potential Machines need a different economy type

The Real Time Economy is the only possible form of interaction in the M2M world. All the transactions should be performed in nanoseconds and in a decentralized manner. Microtransactions between M2M should be free, transparent and taxable.

Meanwhile, the environment for modeling, prediction, management and maintenance of property rights should be unified and open, without a single point of denial for everyone from state regulators to citizens and businesses.


Technical systems develop relatively linearly and predictably, that refers to the rule of the evolution of systems. Passing the stage of mechanization, automation and computerization systems have developed from the cart with the horse to the automobile; from the bookcase to the supersonic airplane.

We may forecast what the future looks like, what devices we will use. Figuring out primary tasks for these devices/creatures of our post-humanistic future depends on us. Responsible attitude to the technical progress at the current stage will allow us to achieve universal prosperity and realize human potential to its fullest.


Evolution of registers
of property rights
and technical systems

Paper registry (granary book) in the magistrate/church and a paper certificate written by hand

A horse-drawn cart and a house with central heating

Mechanization and Open-loop Control Systems

The centralized state electronic register and paper certificate printed on letterheads

Automobile and constructions with electronic control system

Automation (system
with feedback)

Decentralized state electronic register

Autonomous vehicle and smart house with sensors and simple AI

Self-adjusting and self-learning cybernetic systems

3D decentralized physically accurate interactive electronic register and IoT

Decentralized autonomous vehicles fleet and smart self-managed cities

Self-organizing, self-developing, self-reproducing cybernetic systems



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Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. Also you can visit our office for personal consultation.

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